The Port Matilda EMS is holding its semi-annual Election Day Sandwich and Soup sale in an effort to raise money to help maintain our level of service to our community. 

We have been asked to appear in front of the COG (Council of Governments) which is comprised of members from each municipality we serve, which include Halfmoon Township, Huston Township, Taylor Township, Worth Township and the Port Matilda Borough. They requested our presence to hand out our projected 2019 budget so they are aware of our financial and operating standing. The Port Matilda EMS gave them an unbalanced budget for this fiscal year due to the fact that we are running a 24 hours a day service with paid staff at the request of COG.

We are paid service because volunteers have become a thing of the past.  We do try to find someone willing to serve but have been unable to come through. 

We do receive a donation from each of these municipalities, we hold our annual membership drive, hold our Election Day sale (twice a year) and receive income from the billing of our patients and their insurance companies.

Keep in mind as we do bill insurance companies not all of them pay us, so this in a considerable loss for us.

We are trying to find ways to increase our funding sources but it has been a difficult endeavor. 

We are striving to be here for you when you need us and we appreciate the support of our community.  


Port Matilda Emergency Medical Services 






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